2021 Exhibitions


The main exhibition 2021 gathers 200 artworks of international artists. It is divided into 5 parts: dead great masters, living great masters, emerging artists, local artists, contemporary design. Three collateral exhibitions will be organized (see below). A section of the Biennale is dislocated in Monaco, in the residence of the Archbishop of Monaco, with Brian Finch’s exhibition “De Fructibus” (20 photographic works).


An exhibition in the exhibition produced by Mauro Marabini and his blog “Alter Italia”. The exhibition brings together in the GAM space (Galerie des Ambassadeurs Menton) 30 works by Italian artists who live abroad but also by international artists who love Italian culture and represent it in their creations. From October 1 to 31 as part of the Biennale.The exhibition will be supported by a conference entitled “An Italy outside Italy”.

Vrais faux (Real fakes)
An exhibition of 15 works exhibited in the “Antiquités du Louvre” space and which are imitations of works known or produced “in the style of”. A conference entitled “The most copied painters” will be given (date to be defined, speakers to be confirmed).

Art & Food
30 works (paintings, sculptures, prints, lithographs, illuminated manuscripts) lent by the “Arte e Cibo” Museum (www.arteecibo.com) are exhibited in the Espace Cocteau for the duration of the Biennale. They represent food in works of art.

Brian Finch
20 photographs of the series “De Fructibus” and “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” of the artist Brian Finch are exhibited in the residence of the Archbishop of Monaco for the whole period of the Biennale.