General Informations

Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program Rules and Guidelines

The Artist in residence  (AIR) program is an opportunity provided by BACS (Biennale d’Art Contemporain Sacré) to four artists every year. The AIR program enables a guest artist to work in a new environment (the South of France), often away from the restrictions and pressures of their everyday lives. The residence place is a luxury Palace that is the headquarters of BACS, with comfortable accommodations. BACS is the patron of AIR operation. Artist residency is about providing the time and space for a guest artist to develop work and creatively explore new ideas.

Artists are selected through a competitive application process. The length of a residency can vary from two weeks through one month. Artist residency includes a working space and accommodation. Artist residency is important because it provides opportunities for artists from around the world to spend time in a new atmosphere and environment. It supports cultural and artistic exchange, nurtures experimentation and new ideas, and supports research and the development of new work.

Application Dossier

In order to be eligible to apply, artists must submit by email an Application Dossier that will contain:

• Biography of the artist, address, email address and cellphone number.

• Two photos of the artist (one portrait and one in their atelier).

• Three photos of artworks, which are original in concept and execution and completed in the past two years. Please provide link(s) to the photos of the artworks or upload them using the application form. We need JPEG files with a minimum of 1080 pixels along the shortest side. Each file must be smaller than 10 MB. Please crop photos to exclude framing and matting.

• Press articles about the artist’s work if any.

• Personal insurance proof.

• The “Agreement of the Rules and Regulations regarding the artist” sheet signed by the artist for approval and acceptance.

Submit the Application Dossier by April 20, 2024. Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted.

BACS will provide for the artist:

• A room with bathroom.

• Refrigerator, hair drier, mineral water, coffee and tea maker.

• A free atelier with natural light and beautiful view.

• Free bed sheets, towels and bath toiletries, changed twice per week.

• Free meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the Palace.

• Free WiFi.

• Refund of the transportation to the South of France and from.

Artists selected for 2024 residence at Palace des Ambassadeurs must sign for acceptation and agree to the following terms:

• BACS  will make the final decision on participating artists for 2024 residencies. All applicants will be notified of artist acceptance or rejection by April 30, 2024. If the artist is unavailable during the awarded time slot, an alternate will be selected. Due to limited number of artists permitted to participate in AIR, artists awarded a stay cannot apply for five years after their stay.

• Submitted photos of artworks may be used by BACS for publicity of the AIR program only.

• Artist will conduct their work in a manner that complies with all BACS and Palace des Ambassadeurs safety rules.

• Artist will not use toxic materials, inflammables or explosives to realize their artworks and will sign upon arrival a regulatory document regarding the security and the safety of the place they will live and work in.

• Artist will not disturb or manipulate the property’s environment or add to the property’s physical features.

• Artist is responsible for their own expenses including medicines, cosmetics, personal linen and personal gear, as well as parking and fines expenses.

• Only one additional adult may accompany artist during residence, and the artist must be on site during guest’s stay. The artist’s guest will share with the artist her/his accommodation.

• For security reasons a green pass (complete vaccination certificate) will be required and wearing a mask is compulsory.

• No pets are permitted.

• The Artist-in-Residence Program allows artists to stay at Palace des Ambassadeurs to concentrate on their work 24/7. We would appreciate you not using the residence as a basecamp to visit nearby points of interest or to go to the beach.

• Artist is expected to interact with visitors (art collectors, museums, journalists, benefactors, schools) and staff during their stay at Palace des Ambassadeurs. Artist will allow the schools to watch them in action while working, for maximum half an hour, as part of the educational program of those schools.

• Artist will always have a correct behavior and presence during their residency.

• Artist is not allowed to smoke inside the walls of the residence, neither in the room nor in the atelier. They will use the special designated places for smokers outside the Palace (in the garden or on the terrace).

• Artist is not allowed to take drugs.

• Artist will donate a piece of work to BACS that is representative of their stay at Palace des Ambassadeurs upon their arrival or at the end of their stay if the artwork is realized during their stay. Artist understands that BACS owns the work and the rights to reproduce it. (Artist retains the ability to make use of the art for their purposes and where feasible include the language, “This work was produced under BACS’s Artist-in-Residence Program”).

• Artist understands that BACS and Palace des Ambassadeurs may or may not exhibit the donated pieces in public buildings.

• If awarded a 2024 residence, artist will agree that their names and biography to be published in the BACS webpage or given to the press.

• BACS will not provide a stipend or any other financial compensation.

• If the artist does not respect one of the points above mentioned, BACS has the right to cancel the remaining residency days and to invite the artist to leave immediately.

• In case of controversy the French law will be applied.