2022 Exhibitions

BACS organizes five free-entry exhibitions during 2022:

April 15 – May 30: “Hommage à Christian Bruley”
– Retrospective of paintings and sculptures of one of the most appreciated French artists, who died in 2021.

June 01 – June 15: “Edith Piaf”
– Solo show by Bernard Laboureau.

June 16 – July 30: “Sublime Beauté”
– Kim Boulukos pays homage to the pure blood Arabian horse.

August 14 – October 14: “Mémoire involontaire”
– Personal exhibition by Jean Villeri (1896-1982). With the contribution of “Alter Italia” by Mauro Marabini

October 15 – December 30: “Edible Molds”
– Solo show by Brian Finch (Painted photos). With the contribution of “Arte e Cibo”, private Museum.

From left to right: Stéphanie Jacquot, deputy mayor for culture of the City of Menton,
Liana Marabini, president of BACS and the Artist Kim Boulukos.