– July 31, 2019: deadline for registration by email:

– August 5, at the latest, the BACS will officially invite the Artists whose works have been selected.

– August 10, 2019: deadline for sending by mail (only by email): HD photo of the work and a purpose note (some lines on the work and the will of the artist about the subject) for the Catalog and the website of the Biennale.

– From 1st to 15th September 2019: DELIVERY OF THE WORKS, the artists cover the expenses.

– September 30, 2019: Press conference and official presentation of the Catalog to the Press (on invitation).

– October 1st: Official opening of the Biennale.

– October 1 – 31: Exhibitions and Events as part of the Biennale (see Program).

– Date to be defined: Blessing of the statue “Notre-Dame des Innocents” of the Artist Daphne du Barry. This statue is the symbol of the Biennale.

– 31st October: Biennale conclusion and awards ceremony (see “Other information/Prizes”).